Decreased by -0.66%
Dollar Volume
1.86 M
Market Cap.
10.01 B
Shares Float
453.45 M
Shares Outstanding
685.40 M
Price / Earnings
20D Range
8.58 9.96
50D Range
8.51 10.06
200D Range
8.51 18.95
  • Quarterly Earnings
  • Annual Earnings
Reported Date EPSChange YoY EstimateSurprise
  • Quarterly Financials
  • Annual Financials
Fiscal ending date RevenueChange YoY IncomeChange YoY ProfitChange YoY
Dec 31, 17 40.23 B
Increased by +39.52%
22.81 M
Decreased by -40.37%
Increased by +0.06%
Decreased by -57.26%
Sep 30, 17 48.55 B
Increased by +132.55%
604.32 M
Increased by +3.05 K%
Increased by +1.24%
Increased by +1.25 K%
Dec 31, 16 52.33 B
Increased by +87.25%
278.22 M
Decreased by -76.44%
Increased by +0.53%
Decreased by -87.42%
Sep 30, 16 41.75 B
Increased by +42.29%
56.35 M
Increased by +105.79%
Increased by +0.13%
Increased by +104.07%
Jun 30, 16 28.83 B
Decreased by -25.50%
38.25 M
Increased by +207.76%
Increased by +0.13%
Increased by +244.65%
Mar 31, 16 20.87 B
Decreased by -23.78%
19.20 M
Decreased by -69.56%
Increased by +0.09%
Decreased by -60.06%
Dec 31, 15 27.95 B
Decreased by -24.44%
1.18 B
Increased by +110.93%
Increased by +4.23%
Increased by +114.46%
Sep 30, 15 29.34 B
Decreased by -15.81%
-972.47 M
Increased by +50.56%
Decreased by -3.31%
Increased by +41.27%
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Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells alumina, primary aluminum, aluminum alloys, and carbon products in the People's Republic of China and internationally. The company operates through five segments: Alumina, Primary Aluminum, Trading, Energy, and Corporate and Other Operating. The Alumina segment mines for and purchases bauxite and other raw materials; refines bauxite into alumina; and produces and sells alumina, as well as refined alumina, gallium, and multi-form alumina bauxite. The Primary Aluminum segment procures alumina and other raw materials, supplemental materials, and electrical power; and produces and sells aluminum and aluminum-related products, such as carbon, aluminum alloy, and other electrolytic aluminum products. The Trading segment trades in alumina, primary aluminum, aluminum fabrication products, other non-ferrous metal products, coal products, and raw and supplemental materials; and provides logistics and transport services to external customers. The Energy segment mines for coal deposits; generates and sells electricity using thermal, wind, and solar power sources to regional power grid corporations; and manufactures power related equipment. The Corporate and Other Operating segment provides research and development services; and operates other aluminum-related business activities. The company also acquires, manufactures, and distributes bauxite mines and limestone ore; and provides engineering project management, as well as engages in import and export activities. Aluminum Corporation of China Limited was incorporated in 2001 and is headquartered in Beijing, the People's Republic of China.