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Looking for a specific stock or investment opportunity? Our powerful screener lets you quickly find the stocks that meet your criteria. With customizable filters, you can easily sort through thousands of stocks and find the ones that meet your specific needs.

Customizable filters

Choose from a range of filters to narrow down your search and find the stocks that meet your specific criteria. We offer unique features that are tailored for swing traders such as Dollar Volume, ADR% (Average Daily Range), and performance ranges .

Comprehensive coverage

Choose from over 9,000 stocks, ETFs, and funds across all 3 major U.S. exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX) to find the investments that fit your strategy.

Save and export your searches

Save your favorite searches on and easily export screener results to CSV or other popular tools like TradingView and TC2000
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Report View: In-Depth Analysis for Individual Stocks

Get detailed insights and analysis for individual stocks with the report view feature. Here's a selection of the key features that you'll find in the report view.

Key Information at a Glance

Get a quick overview of important stock metrics such as market cap, P/E ratio, and relative strength using the BPR (Base Performance Rating).

Charts in Multiple Timeframes:

Analyze stock performance with daily, weekly, and monthly charts. Easily identify trends and patterns using our move finder and the open source Chart Study tool.

Institution Holding Data

Find out which institutional investors are holding shares in the company and their percentage of ownership.

I've been using it since its inception and I love it. Great tool for looking up setups and as a study source. I also believe it has enormous potential to continue improving.

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