modern research platform for serious investors provides market analysis tools to help you understand the U.S. stock market

The Screener

A successful investing strategy starts with identifying your target market. Use the screener to help you narrow down and find the right stocks.

10 000+ stock and funds

All 3 major U.S. exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX) are included.

Filter on meaningful metrics

Dollar Volume, ADR% (Average Daily Range), performance ranges. Screen for stocks using impactful indicators.

Results are instant

Using cutting-edge technology, Screener results are updated as soon as any filter category gets modified.
screener filter dropdown

The Report

The Report combines data that's tailored to both fundamental and technical analysis.

Bird's-eye view

Performance range indicators let's you understand a stock's recent performance at a glance. For a more zoomed in view, earnings and other financial results (quarterly and annually, going back as far as 8 years) can be found in the same page.

Multi-timeframe stock charts

Study stock charts in daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes. Historical chart data dates back as far as 20+ years ago.

Study the history

Every stock has a personality. A tool, located right above the charts, is provided to help you identify significant historical moves in the stock's price.

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