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To truly understand the stock market, there are no shorcuts. You need to put in the hours to research and study. We are here to make your experience enjoyable.

  • Powerful and easy-to-use stock Screener.
  • Advanced Report view that combine the best of fundamental and technical indicators.
  • Historical stock charts in multiple time frames.
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Frequently asked questions

Is right for me? is primarily built for swing/position traders and retail investors. It is best used to research & study stocks outside market hours.

Plan your trade, and trade your plan.

Where do you get the stock data from?
All of our stock data is provided by Financial Modeling Prep .
How come there is no intra-day data?
The focus of is to provide the best tools for finding (Screener) and understanding (Report) stocks. Once you have compiled a watchlist, you should rely on your broker or a charting platform for live intra-day data.
What is ADR%?
ADR% stands for the Average Daily Range in percentage calculated over the last 20 trading sessions. It is a volatility indicator that gives you an idea of how "fast" the stock has moved recently.

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