Decreased by -1.12%
Dollar Volume (20D)
88.22 K
Earnings Report Date (estimate)
Mar 31, 23 (N/A)
Market Cap.
280.15 M
Shares Float
4.41 M
Shares Outstanding
14.45 M
Price / Earnings
20D Range
19.03 21.60
50D Range
19.03 22.05
200D Range
15.88 22.92
  • Quarterly Earnings
  • Annual Earnings
Reported Date EPSChange YoY EstimateSurprise
  • Quarterly Financials
  • Annual Financials
Fiscal ending date RevenueChange YoY IncomeChange YoY ProfitChange YoY
Jun 30, 23 64.98 M
Decreased by -19.33%
25.09 M
Decreased by -26.26%
Increased by +38.61%
Decreased by -8.59%
Mar 31, 23 62.65 M
Decreased by -26.35%
26.21 M
Decreased by -41.43%
Increased by +41.84%
Decreased by -20.48%
Dec 31, 22 58.90 M
Decreased by -45.10%
23.99 M
Decreased by -51.86%
Increased by +40.73%
Decreased by -12.32%
Sep 30, 22 68.04 M
Decreased by -40.11%
32.57 M
Decreased by -30.66%
Increased by +47.87%
Increased by +15.78%
Jun 30, 22 80.55 M
Decreased by -11.81%
34.02 M
Decreased by -7.73%
Increased by +42.24%
Increased by +4.62%
Mar 31, 22 85.07 M
Decreased by -2.85%
44.76 M
Increased by +1.54%
Increased by +52.61%
Increased by +4.52%
Dec 31, 21 107.29 M
Increased by +42.35%
49.84 M
Increased by +86.84%
Increased by +46.45%
Increased by +31.25%
Sep 30, 21 113.61 M
Increased by +31.88%
46.97 M
Increased by +20.90%
Increased by +41.35%
Decreased by -8.33%
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Atlanticus Holdings Corporation provides credit and related financial services and products to customers the United States. It operates in two segments, Credit as a Service, and Auto Finance. The Credit as a Service segment originates a range of consumer loan products, such as private label and general purpose credit cards originated by lenders through various channels, including retail and healthcare, direct mail solicitation, digital marketing, and partnerships with third parties; and offers credit to their customers for the purchase of various goods and services, including consumer electronics, furniture, elective medical procedures, healthcare, educational services, and home-improvements by partnering with retailers and service providers. In addition, it offers loan servicing, such as risk management and customer service outsourcing for third parties; and engages in testing and investment activities in consumer finance technology platforms. The Auto Finance segment purchases and/or services loans secured by automobiles from or for a pre-qualified network of independent automotive dealers and automotive finance companies in the buy-here, pay-here, and used car business. This segment also provides floor plan financing and installment lending products. Further, the company invests in and services portfolios of credit card receivables. Atlanticus Holdings Corporation was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.