Increased by +0.00%
Dollar Volume (20D)
65.32 K
Earnings Report Date (estimate)
Mar 31, 23 (N/A)
Market Cap.
706.92 M
Shares Float
10.17 M
Shares Outstanding
28.02 M
Price / Earnings
20D Range
24.80 26.34
50D Range
24.80 26.74
200D Range
24.40 34.62
  • Quarterly Earnings
  • Annual Earnings
Reported Date EPSChange YoY EstimateSurprise
  • Quarterly Financials
  • Annual Financials
Fiscal ending date RevenueChange YoY IncomeChange YoY ProfitChange YoY
Mar 31, 23 84.62 M
Increased by +2.71%
47.03 M
Decreased by -1.68%
Increased by +55.59%
Decreased by -4.27%
Dec 31, 22 78.97 M
Increased by +20.42%
43.42 M
Increased by +18.36%
Increased by +54.98%
Decreased by -1.72%
Sep 30, 22 71.88 M
Increased by +26.80%
41.42 M
Increased by +33.34%
Increased by +57.62%
Increased by +5.15%
Jun 30, 22 76.68 M
Increased by +38.32%
45.90 M
Increased by +46.70%
Increased by +59.86%
Increased by +6.05%
Mar 31, 22 82.39 M
Increased by +34.74%
47.84 M
Increased by +43.97%
Increased by +58.06%
Increased by +6.85%
Dec 31, 21 65.58 M
Increased by +3.34%
36.68 M
Increased by +5.72%
Increased by +55.94%
Increased by +2.30%
Sep 30, 21 56.69 M
Increased by +19.11%
31.06 M
Increased by +21.85%
Increased by +54.80%
Increased by +2.31%
Jun 30, 21 55.43 M
Decreased by -6.39%
31.29 M
Decreased by -12.18%
Increased by +56.44%
Decreased by -6.18%
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Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation provides a secondary market for various loans made to borrowers in the United States. It operates through four segments: Farm & Ranch, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Guarantees, Rural Utilities, and Institutional Credit. The Farm & Ranch segment purchases and retains eligible mortgage loans that are secured by first liens on agricultural real estate; securitizes eligible mortgage loans, and guarantees the timely payment of principal and interest on securities representing interests in or obligations secured by pools of mortgage loans; and issues long-term standby purchase commitments (LTSPC) on designated eligible mortgage loans. The USDA Guarantees segment purchases portions of certain agricultural and rural development loans guaranteed by the USDA. The Rural Utilities segment purchases and guarantees securities that are backed by loans for electric or telecommunications facilities by lenders organized as cooperatives to borrowers; and purchases eligible rural utilities loans and guarantees of securities backed by those loans, as well as LTSPCs for pools of eligible rural utilities loans. The Institutional Credit segment guarantees and purchases general obligations of lenders and other financial institutions that are secured by pools of loans eligible under the Farmer Mac's Farm & Ranch, USDA Guarantees, or Rural Utilities lines of business. Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia.