Decreased by -0.08%
Dollar Volume (20D)
808.10 K
Earnings Report Date (estimate)
Nov 6, 23 (N/A)
Market Cap.
8.76 B
Shares Float
Shares Outstanding
349.69 M
Price / Earnings
20D Range
24.92 25.35
50D Range
22.55 25.51
200D Range
20.28 25.51
  • Quarterly Earnings
  • Annual Earnings
Reported Date EPSChange YoY EstimateSurprise
  • Quarterly Financials
  • Annual Financials
Fiscal ending date RevenueChange YoY IncomeChange YoY ProfitChange YoY
Jun 30, 23 13.70 B
Increased by +503.08%
599.00 M
Increased by +119.95%
Increased by +4.37%
Increased by +103.31%
Mar 31, 23 1.24 B
Increased by +42.11%
352.49 M
Increased by +123.04%
Increased by +28.35%
Increased by +116.21%
Dec 31, 22 672.85 M
Decreased by -43.71%
85.35 M
Decreased by -86.07%
Increased by +12.69%
Decreased by -75.25%
Sep 30, 22 2.98 B
Increased by +176.01%
-1.17 B
Decreased by -285.93%
Decreased by -39.41%
Decreased by -167.36%
Jun 30, 22 2.27 B
Increased by +64.36%
-3.00 B
Decreased by -299.41%
Decreased by -132.13%
Decreased by -221.32%
Mar 31, 22 875.00 M
Decreased by -61.87%
-1.53 B
Decreased by -200.76%
Decreased by -174.86%
Decreased by -364.24%
Dec 31, 21 1.20 B
Decreased by -7.81%
612.51 M
Decreased by -43.05%
Increased by +51.24%
Decreased by -38.22%
Sep 30, 21 1.08 B
Increased by +5.99%
631.42 M
Decreased by -6.61%
Increased by +58.50%
Decreased by -11.89%
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Apollo Global Management, Inc. is a private equity firm specializing investments in credit, private equity and real estate markets. The firm's private equity investments include traditional buyouts, recapitalization, distressed buyouts and debt investments in real estate, corporate partner buyouts, distressed asset, corporate carve-outs, middle market, growth capital, turnaround, bridge, corporate restructuring, special situation, acquisition, and industry consolidation transactions. The firm provides its services to endowment and sovereign wealth funds, as well as other institutional and individual investors. It manages client focused portfolios. The firm launches and manages hedge funds for its clients. It also manages real estate funds and private equity funds for its clients. The firm invests in the fixed income and alternative investment markets across the globe. Its fixed income investments include income-oriented senior loans, bonds, collateralized loan obligations, structured credit, opportunistic credit, non-performing loans, distressed debt, mezzanine debt, and value oriented fixed income securities. The firm seeks to invest in chemicals, commodities, consumer and retail, oil and gas, metals, mining, agriculture, commodities, distribution and transportation, financial and business services, manufacturing and industrial, media distribution, cable, entertainment and leisure, telecom, technology, natural resources, energy, packaging and materials, and satellite and wireless industries. It seeks to invest in companies based in across Africa, North America with a focus on United States, and Europe. The firm also makes investments outside North America, primarily in Western Europe and Asia. It employs a combination of contrarian, value, and distressed strategies to make its investments. The firm seeks to make investments in the range of $10 million and $1500 million. The firm seeks to invest in companies with Enterprise value between $750 million to $2500 million. The firm conducts an in-house research to create its investment portfolio. It seeks to acquire minority and majority positions in its portfolio companies. Apollo Global Management, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in New York, New York with additional offices in North America, Asia and Europe. Alpha japan holdings co ltd operated as current subsidiary of Apollo Global Management, Inc.