last updated: September 20, 2023

Screener display modes

The Screener is our primary tool for identifying stocks based on technical metrics revolving around price and volume. It uses EOD data (updated once day ~1 hour after market close) provided by EODHD.

The Screener header serves as the control panel for your stock research. From here, you can switch between different display modes, access filtering options, and more.

Display modes

The Display Mode button group allows you to toggle between four different modes to view your screener results. Each mode offers a unique perspective on your filtered stocks.

Table mode (default)

  • Description: This is the default mode where the screener results are displayed in a tabular format. You can see key metrics arranged in columns for easy comparison. The results of this mode, as well as all the other modes, are paginated and sortable.
  • Usage: Best used when you want a quick overview of all the stocks that meet your filter criteria. Hovering over a row displays a chart preview at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking on a row will take you to the stock's detail page.
  • Screener Table Mode

Charts mode

  • Description: Activating this mode will display a chart for each stock that meets your filter criteria. The charts are arranged in a grid format with a maximum of 3 charts per row.
  • Usage: Best used when you want to quickly scan through the charts of all the stocks that meet your filter criteria. Clicking on a chart will take you to the stock's detail page.
  • Screener Charts Mode

Details mode

  • Description: In this mode, each stock result is displayed in an expanded row that includes key metrics, a stock chart, and a company description.
  • Usage: Use this mode when you want an in-depth look at each stock without having to navigate away from the screener.
  • Screener Details Mode

Industries mode

  • Description: Unlike the other modes, Industries mode provides an aggregated table view where each row represents an industry. The data includes ADR%, recent volume change, total market cap, and more.
  • Usage: This mode is particularly useful when you are interested in industry-wide trends or comparisons.
  • Screener Industries Mode


Congratulations, you've just taken the first step in mastering the Screener! In this guide, we explored the various display modes available in the Screener's header. We learned how to switch between:

  • Table mode for a quick, tabular overview of stocks
  • Charts mode for a quick, visual overview of stocks
  • Details mode for an in-depth look at each stock
  • Industries mode for analyzing aggregated industry data

Each mode offers a unique lens through which to view and analyze your screener results, allowing you to tailor your research process to your specific needs.