last updated: September 20, 2023

Managing Scans in the Screener

This guide will walk you through the process of saving, editing, duplicating, and deleting scans, as well as how to use premade scans to jump-start your research.

Scan selector

The Scan Selector is the hub for all your scan management needs. Located within the Screener header, it offers several functionalities.

My scans

  • Add new scan
    • Description: Use the '+' button to create a new scan. This will open a modal with a text input for the scan name.
    • Usage: Ideal for saving a new set of filters you've just configured. You can also add the scan first and configure the filters later.
    • Add New Scan
  • Edit scan
    • Description: Clicking on the name of a scan will expand a row of actions below, including an Edit button that opens a modal that allows you to change the scan's name.
    • Usage: Useful for when you want to clarify the purpose of a scan or correct a typo.
    • Edit Scan
  • Duplicate scan
    • Description: Use this feature to create a copy of an existing scan.
    • Usage: Helpful when you want to create a new scan that is similar to an existing one.
  • Delete scan
    • Description: This option allows you to permanently remove a scan.
    • Usage: Use this with caution, as deleted scans cannot be recovered.

Premade scans

  • Description: Clicking the copy icon next to a premade scan will display a modal with the scan's name with the " copy" suffix. After clicking the Save button from the modal, you should have a new scan under "My Scans".
  • Usage: Great for when you find a premade scan that almost, but not quite, meets your needs.
  • Premade Scans

Reset and save buttons

  • Reset button
    • Description: This icon/button is located to the right of the Scan Selector. Clicking it will reset all the filters and unselect any scan.
    • Usage: Useful when you want to start your filtering process from scratch and see all the stocks in the market.
    • Reset Button
  • Save button
    • Description: The 'Save' button only appears under specific conditions. If a scan is selected, it shows up when you've modified the current scan's filters. If no scan is selected, the button will still appear if you've changed any filter or sort settings.
    • Usage:
      • If no scan is selected and you've made changes to any filter or sort settings, clicking the 'Save' button will open the new scan modal, allowing you to save these settings as a new scan.
      • If a scan is selected, clicking the 'Save' button will save the updated filters to the existing scan.
      • Save Button


Managing scans is an essential skill for any trader or investor using the Screener. In this guide, we've learned how to add, edit, duplicate, and delete scans, as well as how to use and customize premade scans. With these skills, you can streamline your stock research process, making it more efficient and tailored to your needs.