last updated: October 11, 2023

Import Symbols into the Screener

You can import symbols into the screener from a file or by pasting them into a textarea. This is useful if you want to import a list of symbols from another tool or website.

Import Symbols

Please remember that any existing filters are still applied to the imported symbols. For example, if you have the "Favorites Only" filter enabled, only the symbols in your favorites list will be shown. You can always clear the filters to see all of the imported symbols.

To get started, click the "Import" button in the Screener Header to display the import modal.

Import from file

To import a file, either drag and drop it onto the modal or click the drop area to select a file. Once a file is added, the parsed symbols should appear in the textarea below.

Import using textarea

To import a list of symbols you have copied elsewhere, simply paste them into the textarea.

Valid formats

Any of the following formats are accepted, the TC2000 or TradingView formats can be directly pasted into the textarea as well.


The export from TC2000 should be a CSV file that looks like the following:

Symbols from TC2000


The export from TradingView should be a txt file that looks like the following:


Text Formats

In addition to the above formats, the following variants can also be pasted into the textarea.